Following yesterday’s government announcement we now have a QR check-in system available.

How does the new check-in system work?

When someone enters a venue and scans an official QR poster, the venue information will stay on a user’s phone. This information will stay on your phone for 21 days and if during that time a coronavirus outbreak is identified at a location, the venue ID in question will be sent to all devices. The device will check if users have been at that location and if the app finds a match, users will get an alert with advice on what to do based on the level of risk.

So when you enter the salon you will be asked to scan one of our NHS QR posters using the new NHS Covid-19 app available here:

The app will not work properly until 24 September.
Although it is a legal requirement for us to have this system in place it is not a legal requirement for you to use it. However, it is our hope that all of our clients will understand the importance of this introduction and partake in the check-in system to help stop the spread of the virus. Please also remember that you MUST also wear a mask into both salons, for any treatment including sunbed bookings.
Thank you for understanding
Glow X