Microblading in Saltash & Plymouth

Whether you have full brows that need perfecting or no brows at all, microblading can be the perfect solution for you. The Lash & Brow Bar’s microblading expert, Bridie Charlesworth will create beautifully defined brows that frame the face and give a more youthful appearance. Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo, where our technicians will use a handheld microblading blade containing fine needles to gently etch lines into the upper dermis of your skin, to create the illusion of delicate brow hairs. Microblading doesn’t go as deep into the skin as a tattoo, which allows us to achieve natural and authentic hair lines.

Microblading is used to create the illusion of fuller and thicker brows, where pigment is deposited under the skin of your eyebrows. This treatment provides definition, enhances fullness and alters the shape of your brows. Wini’s results are stunning and look completely natural. Your microbladed brows will hold for up to three years. Microblading can be used to correct or fully reconstruct lost brows, this is also used for enhancing your brows’ depth and shape. Our Microblading Technicians can work with clients with no eyebrows at all, making this treatment perfect for people with sparse hair, or suffer from alopecia.

Free No-Obligation Consultation

The Lash & Brow Bar offers a free no-obligation consultation, where you can come into the salon for a cup of tea and a chat with Bridie. Our Microblading experts will talk you through the Microblading procedure to decide whether this treatment is right for you. They will also discuss with you your desired shape, size, and shade, as well as the best method to compliment your skin tone and features. Bridie is an expert when it comes to advising you on your brows. 

How long does Microblading take to heal?

Microblading takes between 6 and 8 weeks to heal. Your first two weeks will be essential in the healing process, but the entire healing process can take up to eight weeks. Make sure to keep the area clean, free from makeup and do not exercise for the first fourteen days. Because this treatment is a semi-permanent tattoo, your skin will scab before it heals. It’s imperative to not pick or scratch at the scabs, as this can cause the pigment to not take and could leave scarring. 

Free Follow-Up Session

Once your new brows have healed, you will need to attend a follow-up appointment to have your brows topped up. This is included within the price of your microblading treatment. Bridie will adjust the hair strokes and if you’d like to go a little darker or require any minor adjustments now’s the time to talk about this with your technician.


Long-Lasting Results with Ombre Brows

Ombré brows are performed using a specialist digital machine, so the finished results of your Ombré brows will last longer. The highest level of consideration is taken when selecting your chosen pigment for your brows. The pigment will be matched to your natural or desired brow colour and skin tone. We use a large variety of pigments tailored to every skin tone, hair colour and unique individual. 

Combination Brows 

This is the ultimate brow treatment that involves both powdered and hair stroke effects to achieve beautifully natural yet defined brows. The inner brow is feathered with hair strokes while the tails are powdered to achieve the perfect definition. Hair strokes are gently etched around the outer line of the arch to soften the powdered tails. 

Microblading and Shading 

Microblading uses hair strokes while shading uses a soft powder effect. When you combine the two together this creates stunning looking brows achieving heavier definition, whilst still looking highly soft and natural. Microblading hair strokes sit at the front and top of the brow for a soft and natural effect, while shading goes in at the base of the brow. This covers areas that have been over plucked and left with hair loss and patchy brow hairs, creating a stronger definition. 

Tina Davies – Pigment Colours Tailored to Everyone

All of our pigment colours create a long-lasting, natural and well-defined look in each and every one of our brow creations. We take pride in our microblading pigments, which are supplied by the industry-renowned Tina Davies Academy. Our Microblading products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, which is a large part of our ethos at Glow Lash & Brow Bar. We also use the Tina Davies Sunset Collection, which has been formulated to provide warmer colour options to suit your desired look. This collection includes Sunset, Toffee and Autumn pigments that can be used on their own or together to create the perfect individual shade to fit your brow needs.

You must have a patch test at least 48 hours before your microblading procedure, this is for insurance reasons and your own safety. You can have this done during your free consultation, or you can pop into the salon – it’s free, takes less than 5 minutes and there’s no need to book. 

Microblading by Bridie Charlesworth

Fully-Qualified, Tina Davies Educated & Insured Microblading Technician Bridie Charlesworth

Microblading Technician Bridie Charlesworth is fully-qualified, educated and has years of experience in the beauty industry. Bridie is fully insured, licensed and trained in microblading. Bridie’s microblading results at Glow Lash & Brow Bar has received nothing other than 5 star feedback and her clientele is rapidly growing. 

Bridie Charlesworth

I plucked up the courage to have microblading done and wow what a difference. I met Wini yesterday for a consultation and patch test, Wini is a lovely lady and made me feel at ease and confident. Today at Glow Lash & Brow Bar, I was made to feel so welcome by Wini and all the lovely staff, which made me feel calm and relaxed. Wini explained every step of the procedure and continually checked that I was happy with the shape, colour and that I was comfortable. The actual microblading procedure wasn’t painful and the aftercare was explained thoroughly. I have my free top up in 4 weeks and I had the most professional and friendly service. Thank you Wini for giving a 52 year old her brows back and her confidence.

Nicci Hastings

I cannot thank Wini enough for my brows, they look amazing. I was very nervous about getting microblading done but Wini made me feel so comfortable and applied numbing cream, I didn’t feel a thing. Thank you so much for making me feel so amazing. Highly recommend.

Grace Reynolds-Smith

Before Wini worked her magic, I literally would not have left the house without pencilling my eyebrows in. I’m pretty sure even some of my family wouldn’t have seen me without them. I massively overplucked my brows in my teenage years and never thought I’d see the day I would be confident in wearing no makeup – now I can, never mind the amount of time it would save me day to day. Wini is fantastic at what she does and it shows that she has a real passion for microblading. I can’t thank her enough.

Sarah Louise Edwards

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